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Data Warehouse Training Course

M2bis offer a 3 day Data Warehouse training course that will teach you the principles of Data Warehouses and how to apply Data Transformation Services to populate a data warehouse star schema.  You will learn data warehousing concepts and applications, how to build data marts by using a star schema, how to import/export data from a variety of data sources, the various DTS package elements that can be used to cleanse and transform data, and how to execute and schedule DTS packages.


Course: MOC 2092A

Data Warehouse Consultants Title

Populating a Data Warehouse with Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 Data Transformation Services

Data Warehouse Consultants Duration

3 Days

Data Warehouse Consultants Agenda
  • Data Warehouse Design
  • Defining Data Warehouse Structures
  • Defining Dimension Tables
  • Defining Fact Tables
  • Reviewing the Star Schema Data Load
  • Defining the Dimension Data Load
  • Defining the Fact Table Data Load
  • Implementing Staging Tables
  • Implementing the Star Schema
  • Using the DTS Import/Export Wizard
  • Understanding DTS Package Elements
  • Copying and Managing Data
  • Performing Data Transformations
  • Extending Transformations
  • Implementing Data Driven Query Solutions
  • Storing DTS Packages and Metadata
  • Executing Packages
  • Managing Package Properties Building Advanced Workflows v Applying Best Practices
  • Case Study-Populating the Shipments Star Schema
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