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Analysis Services Courses

M2bis offer the official Microsoft Analysis Services 2000 training course and MDX training course, for developers of Business Intelligence applications. 

The Microsoft Analysis Services training course is 5 days (3 days for 2 attendees) and covers all aspects of the product, from Data Warehousing fundamentals through cube building and design to optimisation and roll out.

For those who want to further enhance their application by defining business logic rules using Muldimensional Expressions (MDX) language, there is a 3 day MDX training course covering both MDX queries and MDX expressions.

See the course agenda below.  For more information on our Analysis Services or MDX training courses, please contact our training department.

MDX Training Course

Designing and Implementing OLAP Solutions with Microsoft® SQL Server™ Analysis Services 2000: MOC 2074A

The analsysis services training course provides a comprehensive introduction to building and deploying powerful OLAP databases using Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services for business analysts, database developers and database administrators. At the end of the course the trainee will be able to deliver to their business, solutions that can unlock information and convert it to real-time business intelligence, providing a mechanism for quicker decision-making and improved business performance. Our breadth of knowledge in BI will be invaluable on the course in helping attendees gain an insight into developing their own solutions for Budgeting, Sales Reporting, Performance Management and Financial Reporting.



4 days

3 days (for a maximum of 2 attendees )


Course Agenda 4 days

Course Agenda 3 days

Microsoft Analysis Services training courses

Microsoft MDX Training Courses

Implementing Business Logic with MDX in Microsoft® SQL Server™ Analysis Services 2000: MOC 2093A

This MDX training course is for database architects, application developers and business analysts who want to acquire the knowledge and skills to create useful MDX expressions in Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000. Attendees will gain an understanding of how MDX expressions are constructed, the use of Sets and Tuples in an expression and practical experience of real business logic issues such as allocations and custom aggregations.

An understanding of basic Analysis Services concepts, basic database design, administration, and implementation are recommended to take this course.


3 days

2 days (for a maximum of 2 attendees )



Course Agenda

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