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IntelligentApps goal is to realise the Microsoft prophecy of Corporate Performance Management and Business Intelligence to the masses. With a clear vision for the current and future real world business and technical issues that companies face in deploying Corporate Performance Management applications to the enterprise, IntelligentApps' experienced management team has been key in the company's success of attracting over 140 corporate customers worldwide in the first two years of product release.


Prior to IntelligentApps the founders had each worked for 15 years in the BI marketplace

and had observed a number of fundamental changes.

In the Business Intelligence market, IntelligentApps fundamentally believes:

  • The Business Intelligence market is strong and will continue to grow, as BI is fundamental to the efficient running of all organisations worldwide.
  • OnLine Analytical Processing (OLAP) is the fundamental data storage and manipulation format of choice for BI solutions.
  • Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services will continue to gain market share and dominate the OLAP market in 2004 and beyond.
  • Customers will exploit OLAP and Real Time analysis solutions using IntelligentApps to leverage improved business decision making and operational action based on data contained within ERP and CRM applications. This data will continue to double in size every eighteen months, placing extreme demands on front end analysis tools.
  • Microsoft’s Excel and Internet Explorer Browsers are the universal data analysis tools of choice for end users. Proprietary Business Intelligence tools will be confined to history.
  • Price points have dropped to $100's per user from $1000's per user only two years ago.

These beliefs have shaped IntelligentApps' strategy and operational model. The company is a very efficient organisation, offering high levels of productivity per member of staff. IntelligentApps recruits only experienced staff in both industry and business intelligence and operates a prudent business model based on profit growth.

The software IntelligentApps develops is 100% focused on Microsoft technology and utilizes leading edge technology such as the .NET platform. All software development conforms to Microsoft, methodologies and architectures. This has resulted in two strategic products:

  • IntelligentApps Excel Edition
  • IntelligentApps Web Server Edition
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