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 About BankAnalytics™

BankAnalytics is the preferred profitability analytics and performance management solution for retail banks looking to avoid the high cost and lengthy implementation of a custom-built system. BankAnalytics integrates key financial and customer systems to provide an integrated customer management picture of customer, product, organization and officer profitability across the bank. This comprehensive picture of the bank’s profitability and performance is available through a web browser to hundreds or thousands of users via a library of well organized and customizable reports. Elite analysis and advanced reporting and customization are fully supported via BankAnalytics’ Microsoft Excel add-in.

 About +EDM™

Enterprise dimension management has become a key challenge for many organizations as they increasingly rely on best-of-breed business intelligence applications for insight into improving financial and operational performance. +EDM addresses the need for comprehensive, integrated dimension management. +EDM provides version control, secure workflow, and dimension integration across heterogeneous business intelligence systems such as Microsoft Analysis Services, Hyperion Essbase, Cognos PowerPlay and Applix TM1. Additionally, integration is supported across relational warehouse and marting databases such as Teradata, SQL Server, DB2 and Oracle.

 About Stratature®

Exclusively focused on analytics, Stratature brings to market innovative packaged applications +EDM and BankAnalytics, as well as custom-built business intelligence solutions leveraging best-of-breed partnerships. +EDM is a comprehensive enterprise dimension management solution enabling efficient coordination, integration and reconciliation of the dimensions and hierarchies by which all business data is stored, modeled and analysed. BankAnalytics, an out-of-the-box profitability and performance measurement solution developed specifically for retail banks, enables banking managers at all levels to make more profitable business decisions. Stratature is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, with offices in Washington, DC and Vancouver, British Columbia.

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