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iT-Workplace Limited

iT-Workplace provides state of the art reporting tools for Business Intelligence solutions with its Intelligencia reporting suite.

Intelligencia is designed to fill a gap in the Business Intelligence market for a tool to produce high quality printed reports. With Intelligencia you will be able to create and distribute financial and business performance reports that combine numeric data with the descriptive annotation that explains the “why” behind the results. Unlike many OLAP reporting tools Intelligencia has been designed from the ground up to target printed output. The default formatting recognises concepts such as “fit to page” and “page breaks” making the creation of paper based output simple and fast.


Intelligencia Server provides a central report library to which report authors can publish documents with the Intelligencia Client. Report consumers can access these reports via their browser or through the Intelligencia Viewer. Active, snapshot and parameter driven reports allow the author to ensure that the right data is always available.

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