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Case Studies


M2bis and Coty: a cost effective partnership

A solution based on Hyperion© Essbase™ and Geac© DecisionWeb™, supporting multi-dimensional business solving, planning and reporting at Coty UK Ltd. Coty UK Ltd is part of Coty Inc., one of the world’s leading fragrance, cosmetic and skin care companies.

Up until 1998, Coty UK Ltd was relying on ad-hoc General Ledger queries on Excel™ for reporting. There was no business model, no collective overview. Data was dispersed and inconsistencies rife. Initially contacting the newly formed M2bis to discuss deploying a multi-dimensional solution, early consultation and demonstration of the product functionality showed Coty UK Ltd CFO, Dominic Evans, that M2bis could support him to solve many of Coty UK Ltd’s decision support projects.

 Why M2bis

M2bis were recommended to Dominic by a trusted consultancy contact purely on their knowledge of Essbase™and their ability to deploy it. It quickly became apparent, however, that M2bis could perform as Coty UK Ltd’s trusted business partner and could provide not only product knowledge but also business problem solving skills and consultancy acumen.

Explains Dominic Evans, “The Coty UK/M2bis relationship offered flexibility, creativity and quick response times as we embarked on a major development program.”

 The Project

Working in partnership, M2bis and Dominic Evans developed a strategy to deploy the solution, initially concentrating on high priority issues. Over a 12-month period, the projects resulted in:

  • A Fixed Cost control model
  • A Marketing Cost control model
  • A Sales Reporting vehicle

Relying upon the partitioning software and concept, all three cubes were built into an overall Company Operating Profit (COP) model, the planning tool mandated by Coty Inc. Thus, with M2bis’s direction, Coty UK Ltd now has a wide range of models and cubes which cover a variety of business needs, including sales forecasting, inventory control related, sales unit/values reporting, territory control and management reporting.

In 2000 a new project was undertaken to totally web enable the application. It now incorporates Geac’s DecisionWeb™ front-end visualisation tool for data input and reporting, as well as Geac’s Production Reporting™ for hard copy printing across the company intranet.

 Benefits to the Client

The application is now deployed among 45 users – including senior management but also every brand person. The collaboration led to a cost-effective arrangement that enabled Coty UK Ltd to solve multiple requirements from a single purchased solution. With M2bis’s advice, the above projects were satisfactorily completed to deliver the sought business benefits.

Recently, Coty UK Ltd was required to demonstrate its application in a seminar to all other Coty European sister companies since they and their applications are now recognised “Best in Class” within the business.

“Coty UK Ltd has grown substantially in sales, profitability, cash generation and business controls over the last 4 years. The many successful projects we have undertaken with M2bis, utilising Business Intelligence solutions, have undoubtedly contributed to this success story,” states Dominic Evans.

 Benefits of working with M2bis

In addition to proven, comprehensive technical capability, M2bis provided:

  • Confirmation of what was possible, advisable and useful for Coty to develop from the product purchased.
  • Strong business problem brainstorming, coupled with creative product/hierarchical design to solve these problems.
  • Scope to meet evolving client needs with the purchased product’s capabilities.
  • Invaluable training and support throughout each project.
  • A reliable link in Coty UK Ltd’s relationship with Geac, the source provider.
  • Keen focus on cost control.

Agrees Dominic Evans, “Most of all, I was impressed by the way which M2bis helped us keep our feet on the ground – we always kept good control and focus over costs – as well as ensuring that products worked and met challenging, changing client needs.”

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